Thai Buttered Milk Vegetarian

Before I cooked Butter Fried Vegetarian. This time I tried to cook one of buttered. It is Thailand Buttered Milk Vegetarian. Because I had tried eaten it at Thailand Restaurant, so I remember that taste of it and I want to try to cook and eat my cooking of it. Yeah Finally, almost same the taste of that restaurant, however that milk is so sweet but it was still yummy!!... I also put some cheese... even BETTER!! MORE TASTY!

What's vegetarian? Vegetarian is not meat. It is from flour and water only. I really love it!

Here, I give you some ingredients. This is just simple and easy...

Thai Buttered Milk Vegetarian

With Vegetarian, Curry Leaves, Butter, Milk, Cheese, and Seasoning.
Frying the vegetarian with the melted butter.

Put the curry leaves, so that getting some aroma. Then, give it seasoning (Little Salt and Pepper)

Pour the milk and put the cheese (if you want use the cheese.). Stir it till condensed.

Finally! Look yummy, didn't it?
 Now, you want to try it? You try to cook it! Try to eat yourself :P. Then, enjoy it!

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