Staying in The High Building

One day, we were trying to get the apartment for taking shoot. Finally, we were successful to get there by following some people who would go up in the lift. If no, we should have a keycard... LOL. We went up to the 35th floor, wasn't it too high? hehehe. Damn, so beautiful view, we were on the rooftop!! 

Talented by Diana Caitilin
Location in Meditarina 1 Apartment

Winter Collection by Elaine Gina

Finally! I got job for Elaine Gina. She and I want to collect portfolio of her garment. I really want to collect too for my portfolio of fashion photography. I need a western girl. The model is from Iran. Her name was Ehda. We also had one more boy model, his name was Hamad. Whoah! Edha is so professional at modeling. She had some great expression!

Thank you Elaine!

Talented: Edha and Hamad
Designer & Stylist: Elaine Gina
Make up-artist: LKW Hair Academy

Crazy of Fashion in Studio!

Yeah, we are crazy of modeling for fun of fashion! They are really great at posing. We also had fun at the studio in Limkokwing University. However I never touched the lighting in studio. I missed it >,<. Unfortunately I could remember how to use the lighting studio. But by now, I need to improve the lighting studio for fashion!

Talented by Angela, Cindy, Diana, and Jocy

Behind Scene:

Marshmallow Chocolate Chips

This is Marshmallow Chocolate Chips!
I made it because the marshmallow nothing to eat, so I bought it too many for taking shoot of product.
Then I thought the marshmallow for cooking. So I didn't know what I should do. Then, I browsed some recipe which is very easy. Nah, the idea is chips with coated of chocolate and biscuits. The recipe is very simple.

Finally I made it, then give my friends. Some friends said it's very good >,

Here some photos of Ingredients and how to cook:

Preparing with Marshmallow, Chocolate, Pan, and biscuits or gandum. 

Melting the marshmallow. Don't take too long, because they quickly become burnt! 

Pour the chips/biscuits and coated. 


Beautiful Color, didin't it? Hehehehe 

Finally! Serve it! But I didn't eat a lot, so I gave these to my friends :))

More recipes what I cooked:


Diana Caitilin Again...

Garment of Evellyn Christina

Talented by Angelina
Wardrobe by Eve
MUA by Zya
Hair Do and Stylist by Bianca