Marshmallow Chocolate Chips

This is Marshmallow Chocolate Chips!
I made it because the marshmallow nothing to eat, so I bought it too many for taking shoot of product.
Then I thought the marshmallow for cooking. So I didn't know what I should do. Then, I browsed some recipe which is very easy. Nah, the idea is chips with coated of chocolate and biscuits. The recipe is very simple.

Finally I made it, then give my friends. Some friends said it's very good >,

Here some photos of Ingredients and how to cook:

Preparing with Marshmallow, Chocolate, Pan, and biscuits or gandum. 

Melting the marshmallow. Don't take too long, because they quickly become burnt! 

Pour the chips/biscuits and coated. 


Beautiful Color, didin't it? Hehehehe 

Finally! Serve it! But I didn't eat a lot, so I gave these to my friends :))

More recipes what I cooked:


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