Three Days of Trip in KL

Yeah! I was back there again after graduation in 2012! It's so fast to fly to now what I have no wonder.. I was there to take my money, finally the money was back which from Limkokwing that have a refund of deposit for me! 

Then, I could go to meet my old friends in Cyberjaya!

-Day 1- (8.00 PM)

We were at Uncle Jang, Puchong. Finally we gathered up with my old classmate/friends.. That pic is Dak Gal Bi, it's damn very spicy.. It shouldn't be… :3!!

From the left: Bella, Astika, Ferawaty, Fajrin, and me

Cheers :D!

-Day 2- (10.00 AM)

Yeah, it's Sungai Wang Food Court! That's my favorite of place.. I missed it so much! What a cheaper chinese food than Jakarta here…!

My favorite of food in Malaysia! -Chicken Rice with BBQ Pork-

Yeah, I met my old friend, Hong keat and Guo Wen. They are deaf.. Have a great day! I was enjoying there at Ficelle, Danau Desa! Nice Aroma of Patisseries!

It's Green Tiramisu Mousse.. It tasted very good! *Recommend*

They were Guo Wen and Hong Keat, Sweet Couple :)).. Actually no wonder of them, because they weren't closer before that day.. Anyway, thank you for bringing me there!

-Day 3- (LAST DAY)

Yeah, last day! Now it's my chance, I had to meet my best friends! That pic is in Pavilion, KL..

On the left: The Moon (Line) is saying Hello The World!
On the right: So sweet, :D Don & Yee Hong!

Astika, Bella, & Diana!

Fera, Astika, Bella and Me!

What a beautiful tree! Yes, CNY is coming!

Cheers First before I was leaving :(!

Epic Face!

Astika, Fera, Bella, & Diana

Good bye! Thank you guys! :D I will miss you again! I wish I would go back there again!

***There is another thing!***
I was shooting too, it's Diana Caitilin, Fashion Blogger. I was using Diana's DSLR! I tried to shoot as Street Style <3 font="">