Michelle Hendra

That day, I suddenly asked her to be model for lookbook and also fun photo. I did it because I was so bored at home, always thinking of missing my photography. I already shot her for two times! She is Diana's friend of blogger, Michelle Hendra. Thank you to her :)! - location: Central Park -

The Gossipers

That day is so crazy day, I was shocked because Diana (http://callmediiiyn.blogspot.com/) brought a lot of blogger of fashion. They are so beautiful as I was getting shinning eyes. LOL. They were Diana, Sevvy, Okky, Evellyn, and Nerrisa (Names based on the group photo). Actually they made me can't concentrate to take some photo and also confusing how to pose them well. So I took not too many. Location: PIK

Diana Caitilin

Evellyn Christina


Okky Dommy



Photographer: Try Hansen
MUA and Hair Do: Vonny Hermawan
Assistant for the blitz: Paulus Ganesha
Model: Anastasia Yovita
Wardrobe: Owner (Yovita)

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Freedom by Angela Edelyne

It's just have fun with girls cousin (Edelyne, Lady, and Fenny). We got the photo session with Angela Edelyne. She is a new learnt of modeling by me. She was enough good for modeling and having some expression! Also, I taught her how to pose and get feeling or mood. We really enjoy having that photo session :D! She would like to collect her cookbook for new member of lookbook.nu :)

Talented: Edelyn
Assistant: Lady (with blitz only)

This is assistant of photographer, she just helped me to hold the blitz. She is Lady, my young auntie. Thanks to her ;)