Hiking Experience!!

Before that day, we suddenly planned to hike at Broga Hill. We needed more healthy!
We went there at 7 am (It's late and had been bright). We should go there early morning at 4 am - 5 am. Why?? We won't miss to watch the Sunrise. But for us, it's just hiking for doing sport :P. 

It located near Semenyih. It's not so far from Putrajaya, it's just 30 minutes!
Would you like to go there? How? It's easy la... Just go straight from Kajang to Semenyih, then just go straight!! You will find a sign what says Broga Hill..
Enjoy there yoo! Nice Air, very fresh!!

Unfortunately, it's closed because that day is not weekend! It's Coconut Drinks and any cheaper food! Also during in the dark of morning (Midnight - 6am), they sells lighter/small lamp.

We hike here... it's very difficult to walk because that ground is not flat.. then walking higher... higheeeer...!

Finally, we reached in the top of first mount! Actually, there are three top of mountains. But we just stayed in first mount only, because... because... we were so tired >,< cannot go up again..
There is a flag/banner that say "We are in Broga Mount!" Nah, it means we should reached there to touched that flag >,<... However first time, I had been there hehe, I also had that photo with my other friends :D

 Nice view, right?

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